Wheel Balancing


Correct wheel balancing is a critical component to getting the most out of your tyres as it is vital for safety, ensures a smoother ride and helps minimise tyre wear. At Radke’s Tyre & Auto, we use state-of-the-art wheel balancer technology from Corghi Australia to ensure the best possible outcome from all our services.

Our Wheel Balancer (Corghi EM 9380 XLINE) features:

  • Big in size and big on performance
  • Electronic wheel balancers for car, van and motorcycles
  • Appealing design and shapes to allow maximum access to inside the wheel
  • Side accessory compartment for storing flanges, cones and bushes.
  • LED spotlight to ensure thorough cleaning, wheel checking and weight application
  • Quick and intuitive sensitivity calibration
  • AWD (Auto Width Device) automatic sensor for contactless wheel width measurement.

Tyres are expensive and correct wheel balancing can make sure you get the most out of your investment. As you drive over time, you will hit bumps and holes that can’t be avoided, which will lead to uneven treadwear. Tyre imbalances can generate excessive heat and wear on your tyres, leading to the need for replacement ones far sooner than expected.

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